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152280:110V Ice Shaver
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Ice Shaver

The ice shaver with highly efficient motor which can produce 143 lbs of shaved ice per hour to meet demands of large amount of ice in a relatively short time.Heavy cast base offers fully stable workstation so that vibration and noise will be deducted to the lowest degree.Works fine with ice cubes or crushed bag ice. Users can put different Shapes of ice as long as they are of similar size as the hopper.Very easy to operate, simply drop the ice in the hopper, pull the handle and start shaving/crusher
Business Applications: Perfect to Produce Hand-made Slushes & Frozen Drinks at Fast-food Stores, Snack Bars, Cafes, School Canteens, Clubs, Restaurant, Carnivals, Banquets, Festivals, and other retail applications
Home Applications: Create shaved ice at home, backyard, Birthday Parties, Family Gathering and much more!

Operation Instruction
1) Check whether the power voltage conforms to that on the designation plate and the power should connect to the reliable ground wire.

2) Raise ice crushing handle to the upperstop,connest to the power,hurn on the master switch and place the ice basin on the underframe with the ice cubes put into the ice crushing barrel.(Note:Quantity of the ice cubes should not exceed the ice crushing barrel level).Then press down the ice predding handle to make the protective switch automatically turned on and crush ice.After finishing,please raise the ice crashing handle to the upper stop again and repeat the above mentioned operation process.



Technical Paramaters








5.5-5.7KG (12.13lbs-12.57lbs)



Crushing weight

65kg/hour (143.3lbs)


Keep Clean
After using the ice crushing,the switch should be turned off.Disconnect the power plug and wipe dry the body,then place the machine in the dry place.

When using the outlet of ice cubes cannot be jammed or the cutter head may get stuck and the motor be burnt out.If the above mentioned conditions appear,please find out the reasons immediately,cut off the power and raise the handle.



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