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151050:Pad Printing Code Printer
C $199.00

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Pad Printing Machine

The Desktop Electric Pad Printer is suited to print notes and signs like production date ,lot number and simple design, logo, trademark, symbols on various kinds of bottles, jugs, cups or boxes based on every type of materials .

The speed of print is fast, and the font is clear and beautiful.



Operation Methods
1)Put the machine on flat ground and turn on the power.

2)Press adjusting switch, the rubber pad moving over the working table.Loosen the adjusting screw, take out the cartridge, wipping oil of pad pringting plate and cartridge by cloth moistened diluent. (In order not to damage the sealing of the cartridge,couldn't scratch with a hard object.Placing the cartridge, the knife edge is up)

3)Press inching switch,rubber pad moving over plate.With a multi-purpose wrench to loosen the nut,so the plate loose.Turn the plate to find the necessary code,moving below the rubber pad,aiming at pad,then use wrench to tightening the nut.

4)Press inching switch,rubber pad moving over working table.Installing the cartridge with oil cup clamp(pressing screw is aimed at three holes on the oil cup ring). Turn on the switch,adjusting the speed to the slowest,screwing pressing screw of three oil cup in turn until the plate can be cleaned.Then screw the nut of the pressing srew.(Don't screw one screw then do others)

Technical Parameters:
Voltage 110V
Power 55W
Working Speed 1200-3800T/h
Size 420*300*375mm(17"*12"*15")
Net Weight 15kg(33lbs)


1)During the printing process,should keep the cleaning of the rubber pad and palte.After using,clean the ink.

2)According to the printed code or shapes,choosing suitable rubber pad.

3)According to the material of object,choosing the corret inks and diluent,


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