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151017:Automatic Tape Dispenser Machine ZCUT-870
C $260.00

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Automatic tape Dispenser can be

Automatic tape Dispenser

Automatic tape Dispenser can be set according tothe length of the cut, and cut off the tape straight, parallel to paste on theedge,Adhesive tape cutting length, paste the interval can be adjusted freelyaccording to user needs.

Loading the Tape
Make sure the SUPPORT STAND in use.

Make sure the SUPPORT STAND in use.

Turn the POWER SWITCH ON.( A lightly beep sound will come out then the START BUTTON lights and shows the mode color. )(the default on this tape dispenser sets number of cut. Red color light on which means 2 pcs. is set. )

Remove the SAFETY COVER.( The START BUTTON is flashing with Red light. )

Press the START BUTTON and move the CUTTER

BLADE ARM little by little.

( Catch the timing where the cutter blades open most widely.)
Press the START BUTTON continuously, the CUTTER BLADE ARM moves intermittently. )


Plug the cord out.

Pull the TAPE SUPPORT BAR out to the limit.
Pull the tape under the BRAKE ROLLER.

Put the tape between the TAPE HOLDER, hooked by TAPE SUPPORT BAR and through the SLIT (between UPPER and LOWER BLADE) and affix the tape to the TURN TABLE.
Adjust the TAPE HOLDER to the proper width by sliding the TAPE HOLDER ADJUSTMENT LEVER.


Put the SAFETY COVER on.

Plug in the cord.


When you use AUTO MODE A (Blue light on) or AUTO
MODE B (Purple light on), stop rotating the TURN TABLE at the SENSOR which you set. When you use PRESET MODE (Red light on), the TURN TABLE stop rotating after finishing numbers of cut. )

Our Recommendation

When you carry ZCUT-870, please hold the bottom of machine. Do not grab the TURN TABLE.
Make sure the POWER SWITCH is "OFF" when you set the tape
Please follow the instructions when you set the tape. (If you can not make it,read Instruction Manual carefully and do i t over from the beginning.)
When ZCUT-870 is not in use,please unplug and switch OFF the POWER SWITCH.
When you finish using ZCUT-870,remove all the tape from the TURN TABLE
Please do not modify ZCUT-870 by yourself.
ZCUT-870 is designed for tape cutting only. Please do not cut any other things.

ZCUT-870 cannot be used to cut PVC tape and Fiber tape

Item Include

1 Set of Automatic Tape Dispenser Machine ZCUT-870 (151017)


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