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151000:Automatic Label Rewinder 110V
C $269.00

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110/220V  Automatic Label Rewinder


Automatic label  rewinder is the corollary equipment with label printer, using label rewinder can  save labor and reduce the labor intensity of workers, is a kind of practical  devices. At the same time, it also set the other advanced label rewinder  features: stepless adjustment, industrial power, can be positive and negative  volume label. Suitable for batch processing and printing labels.



1.Available Width: 10 ~ 150  mm(0.39"~5.91")

2.Drive Method: Electric

3.Speed: more than 200 mm/sec(7.87")

4.Diameter of the inner tube: 76mm(3”)

5.Max.OD of Roll: 230 mm(9.06")

6.Power Supply: 240 V/110 V 50Hz/60 Hz

7.Net Weight: 5.0 kg(11.02lbs)

8.Dimension:240 x 150 x  170mm(9.45"x5.91"x6.69")


1.Can adjust the speed by  the knob and tension control automatically

2.Wind inside or outside,  Large roll capacity

3.Aluminum take-up spool,  Grap handle.

4.Mounting holes  pre-drilled, Outside guide disk    standard.

5.Standard 3'' core  rewinding,    Inside/Outside/Off switch

6.Green lamp power  indicator, Self contained.

7.No maintenance required


Rewinding Machine is the corollary equipment of label  printer equipment, using it can save labor and reduce the labor  intensity of workers, is a kind of practical devices.

It is suitable for batch processing and printing label,  apply to the label paper, woven lable, nylon, plastic film, white cardboard,  tags, jewelry tags, clothing listed, electronic nameplate processing.

It is the logistics industry, warehouse, production line's  right-hand man!

It has small volume, light weight, suitable for a variety  of different places, convenient to carry and other advantage, the operation is  very simple, use fixed number of year long, is not easy to wear, easy to  maintenance

Item Include


One set of  110/220V Automatic Label Rewinder  (151000)






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