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144002:Stainless Submersible water Pump Deep bore Well 220V new +131ft wire new
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220V  Submersible Deep Well water Pump

QJD series pump for deep well is the best  appliance to get water from deep wells. They adopt the most advanced  tehchnology after several years, careful studies made by our  technicians. They are connected with grainless motor and pump. The pumps  have positive and negative formation conductors and other important  parts make a hole body, making them elegant and excellent.

This is for clear water only, if water is dirty or muddy,may cause  motor to shut off.


Input(single  phase): 220V
Cable: 131.2ft
Outlet diameter: 1 inch outlet
Head of delivery: 131ft 
Pump into the water: Max. depth 16.4ft (5m)
Rated power: 1HP/0.75kw

Rated flow: 8.9 GPM at 131ft
Speed: 2850r/min
Frequency: 50Hz


1. Small diameter, light weight, high flux, strong output and  anti-sand quality.

2. Especially our techical innovaton solves the problem  of stabilization of deep well pump quality.
3. Get water from small-diameter wells, farmland mine  wells and family wells.


Applying conditions:

1. Do not make the system in a failure of  dry running condition, it will damage parts and burn motor
2.  Minimum internal diameter of well: 4"(102mm).
3. Pumps cannot be frequent started. Too frequent started will damage  the motor
4. Cable should be every 4.9-6.6ft (1.5-2 meters) with plastic bags tied  on the water pipe
5. Sulfureted hydrogen percentage is no more than 1.5mg/L
6. Granularity: Max. 0.0079"(0.2mm)
7. Water temperature:Max.40 °C
8. Pumps must be reliable connected with ground. Ground wire must not be  false connected to power , make well charged resulted in danger.
9. Pipeline must be reliable sealed, no leak, otherwise flow can not  meet the requirements.
10. After electric pump is right installated,Wells must be good covered,  to prevent unknown items fall into the well pump.
11.Acid and alkali degree: PH 6.5-8.5



Item  Included:(144002)

1*Submersible Deep Well water Pump


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