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140024:30A Platinum Silver Gold Plating Machine
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30A Platinum Silver Gold Plating Machine

This is advanced plating power. It features voltage stablization, steady flow and over-voltage protection as well as undervoltage, open phase protection function. It can plate gold, copper, silver, nickel, chrome,etc.The plating is even, especially for irregular objectives. 

Positive Pole and Negative Pole must not touch each other.


Rated voltage:110V

Max. current: 30A

Max. adjustable voltage: 20V

Package weight: 22lbs



You can use it for 

1.     Platinum plating:

  Anode (+): clamp titanium mesh

  Cathode (-): clamp jewelry

  Adjustable range of voltage: 3 – 4 volts

  Temperature: 30 – 40

  Plating time: 90 – 120 seconds (based on plating 3 – 5 piece rings)


2.     Gold plating (14K, 18K, 24K):

  Anode (+): clamp titanium mesh

  Cathode (-): clamp jewelry

 Temperature: 70 – 80 

  Plating time: 20 – 50 seconds (based on plating 1 – 4 piece rings)


3.     Silver plating:

  Anode (+): clamp titanium mesh

  Cathode (-): clamp jewelry

  Voltage: 5 volts

 Temperature: 40

 Plating time: 3 – 5 seconds

 You may need these stuffs when using this machine

 beaker, titanium mesh, plating wire, plating water, distilled water, furnace and thermometer.

 These things are forbidden to be on shippment, so please purchase these stuffs by yourself after receiving the machine.

Item Included:(140024)

 set  of 30A Platinum Silver Gold Plating Machine 


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