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134214:Desktop Electric Sugar Cane sweet sorghum stalk Press Juicer
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Electric Sugarcane Juice Extractor
When the new machine is working for more than half an hour, the motor will emit smoke.This phenomenon is caused by the heat of the lubricant inside the motor.If the machine is working properly, smoking is normal.
There is a serious abnormal sound or the metal friction sound of the gear when the machine is turned on. Please check whether it is caused by the contact between the roller and the edge metal. The accessories are misplaced due to violent transportation.
Power: 110V/60Hz
Power Input: 800W
Rev of the Rollers (PRM):20
Maximum Capacity: 300Kg/H
Maximum insertion size: 62mm in diameter
Machine Size:13.4*11.8*20.87inch (300*340*530mm)
Net weight: 106 lbs (48kg)
3-Stainless steel rollers (304 Stainless steel)
5-grade gear-box, use less to drive
45# charcoal steel gears, long life design Stainless steel body with better appearance
5-The residue outlet is folded and needs to be unfolded when juicing!!!
Precautions for use
1.Before pressing, first cut the root and the head.Juice extraction rate: (60-80)/100
2.Diameter of more than 30mm require to break in half.
3. If the machine is jammed by sugar cane, Please cut off the power immediately and clean the machine
4.Add grease to the transmission gear every week.
5.After squeezing finished, you should wash the rollers timely, make sure no sticky in juice box and keep it clean.
6.The material of three-roller is stainless steel .But in older to prevent rust please clean after use.
7.Put the machine smooth.
8.Automatic adjustment of the gap of sugarcane machine roll.
9.Wash the machine before use (There will be a small amount of rust on the solder joints, clean them and apply vegetable oil to prevent rust.)
How do you clean the machine parts?
Cleaning of the machine is very easy. You just need to pour 2-3 glasses of water and its done. For further cleaning there is a nob given Above the inlet. You can open and then clean the rollers with brush.
This type of Sugarcane Juice extractor is very popular with users all over the world. It is designed with 5-grade gear transmission for less power consumption, driven by heavy duty motor and controlled by pressing buttons to turn on or turn off. It has three stainless steel rollers, can crush the cane to very perfect result. With a stainless steel body and 4 castors, this particular model offers a better appearance and convenient use to juice shop owners anywhere. It also can be used in hotel, restaurant, super market etc.
Item# Weight (kg) QTY
134214 50 1
Switch installation and connection method
If you wire it exactly the way above,But the following question still arises:
1,Switch to the right "2" position, machine roller reverse,Switch to the left "1" position, the machine did not respond.
1,Just switch the positions of the yellow and green lines

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