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134114:15T Hydraulic Punch Tool
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15T Hydraulic Knockout Punch Hand Pump 5 Dies Hole Tool Driver case
This Brand New Complete 15-Ton Hydraulic Punch Driver Kit, even tough material like 11-gauge steel will easily be pierced by this punch kit. It's great for installing and repairing wire pipeline, signal lamp and instrument in metallurgy, petrol, electronics, electrical appliance,chemical industry, ship & machinery and many more!

The tool can make a hole on ≤4mm thick metal plate. It’s easy operation, effort, fast speed, processing with smooth surface, no site limitation, safe and reliable, light structure, beautiful, easy to carry.

Operation process
1. Before apertures, Please open a 20mm pilot-hole
2.Make male die , female die and workpiece close together.
3. Turn the valve clockwise, then press the handle until cut through.
4.Turn the valve counterclockwise to let out pressure , make all hydraulic unloading. Having the above four steps program completes the opening operation.
5.Unscrewed the punch, clean the mold.


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