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130012:200x300 XY Stage Table Bed Plotting for K40 CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine
C $139.00
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300x200 XY Stage Table Bed for K40 CO2 Laser Machine
This 3020 X-Y stage is designed for DIY CO2 laser machine. It's an entry level and affordable. Ideal for folks who want to learn
how to build a laser machine. Also, it's a good platform for student to learn CNC using G-code.
①.Connect line ① to the motherbord . The role of line ① is to control the y axis stepper motor .
②. 12 heart flat wire connects hole ②(under ⑤) to the motherboard. The role of it is control the x axis stepper motor.
③.③ install the laser head etc.
④.④ install the reflective mirror
Working area: 300mm x 200mm
Driving voltage:24VDC
Speed: X:450mm/s, Y:300mm/s
X motor: 0.6A/ two-phase,
Y motor: 0.8A/ two-phase
Wire :4
Limit switches for X,Y installed

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