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122024:Inflatable Floating Dock
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Inflatable Floating Dock


The inflatable air platform is a durable activity platform to use at the lake or in your pool. You can use this inflatable as a dock for boats and paddle boards or simply place some beach chairs or lounges on top and just enjoy the water. Perfect for fishing, you can even do yoga safely on the inflatable dock. Kids will love being able to jump off this inflatable dock into the water again and again. Lightweight and easy to carry .


This product could also be called water fishing platform. This Inflatable Floating Dock could connect with each other and expand the hull area indefinitely. Recreation and water work are very convenient.




1. This product requires site no sharp objects.

2. Safety first. You must wear a lift jacket when you use it.People with heart disease, high blood pressure and physical weaker tourists should not use the Inflatable Floating Dock.

3. After you use the Inflatable Floating Dock, please make it clean , and then keep them in a dry place.

4. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

5. Morning (evening) with a larger temperature difference such as noon time, attention should be paid in a timely manner is deflated or fill gas, in order to avoid pressure too much damage to the product.


Product details:

The hull is made of 1.2mm air drawing cloth, which is more durable.


Rubber handle are easy to carry.

Motor hang is strong and durable, safe and stable.

This inflatable floating dock can be interconnected and expand the area infinitely.


Repair outfit


Pilot wrench: It could make the gas-guide tube more tighter with the hull.

Item Included:
One Set of 99In*63In Inflatable Floating Dock (122024)

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