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122019:PVC Infltable Tent(6*4*3m) 2 pcs Air Blower(110V,480W) Air Pump(110V, 680W)
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Inflatable Transparent Tent


Closed tent lasts 15 to 20 days in one inflation ,avoid the trifles of continuous inflation , it is safe, integrated, ornamental, novelty, color bright, durable. through scientific three-dimensional combination, it is made of super waterproof material. This product was welcomed by buyers because of its randomness and no power unit , safe and reliable, simple management, easy maintenance.


13' (4M)
Tunnel length

6.5' (2M)

Hight 9.8' (3M)
Material PVC 0.8mm
Bottom Double water-proof PVC

The inflatable-sewing tents need blowing continuously. (blower shipped free as a gift)

The area of inflatable tent is large, you can do outdoor advertising campaign under the tent and print AD or LOGO on the tents. It can be customized according to specific requirements. This product is suitable for sports, tourism, business, culture, especially the trade show event, leisure entertainment and vacation spots. Relative to the general structure tent , the cost of inflatable tent is low, it is use convenient, beautiful shape, gorgeous colors, creating a new space effect!


1.Portable, easy to carry, comfortable
2.Reusable, easy to clean
3.Convenient solid vent design is easy to be inflated and deflated
4.Folding deflated products can save a lot of space.




The maintenance of inflatable tent:
1.Inflatable tents is easy to break. Like we wear clothes, it is a good material also afraid of hang to tear. When using the children inflatable tents, we must avoid the air on the branches, communication cable hook and other sharp objects.
2.Don’t drag the inflatable tents. Don't move easily, if on drag for a long time ,it is easily worn out.
3.Apart from the fireworks. In opening ceremony, we must stay away from the fireworks more than 6 meters if we need to use it.
4.If dirty? Please wipe with wet cloth.
5.In case of strong wind, rain, snow, fog, hail weather,the equipment should be forbidden to use, lest produce an accident.
6.If not use for a long time, please folding the clean equipment, bundling and packing. Temperature is in commonly -50℃ ~ + 40℃. Equipment should pay attention to rat bite by insects.

Item Included(122019):

PVC Infltable Tent(6*4*3m) + 2 pcs Air Blower(110V,480W) +Air Pump(110V, 680W)



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