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120156:17.3in A2 Roll Laminator(110V)
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A2 High Speed Hot Cold Roll Laminator

Small automatic laminating machine can protect printed charts, contracts and important documents, improve the level, waterproof, mildew proof, anti-oxidation, tamper proof and washable. It is a common tool for office printing, advertising graphics and photo studios. With the progress of technology, the functions of small film machines have been continuously improved, and have been extended to flat film, mobile phone shell film, and paper art to increase income.


The system judges automatically. If manual violation is found, the system rejects unreasonable instructions, takes over the machine, enters the full-automatic mode, and intelligently controls to prevent burning.

One key quick control panel:
1.Click the "HOT" key: automatically preheat, sound prompt and constant temperature, and call again.
2.When the motor is stationary, if the temperature regulation exceeds the safety limit, the system identifies violations and intelligently controls them, which is very safe.
3.Click the "COLD" key: cut off the heat source and enter the cold mounting or cooling mode. The operation is simple.
4.Point(EXIT) key:free hands and prevent mistakes.
Sound warning: duty free preheating, sound prompt;
Fault warning and automatic shutdown;
No response warning for timeout;
If you forget to shut down, the system will shut down automatically;
Easy and safe operation.

Note: This product does not contain precoating film.


Film covering width:A2+/44cm(Length customization)

Paperboard thickness:0.1-5mm(With stepless clutch)

Film mulching speed:0.3-3M/minute(Nine speed transmission)

Power supply:110V/60hz(Total power 600W)

Temperature:0-180℃(Preheating is only 3 minutes)

Main engine weight:About 7kg

Hot mounting/cold mounting; single/double side:

Cold installation and hot installation are both "laminated" based on different classifications of laminated consumables. Therefore, the so-called lamination includes hot lamination and cold lamination. Our small film machine not only supports the precoating of hot paste consumables BOPP and pet hot-melt adhesive, but also supports various cold paste films, self-adhesive and self-adhesive materials. Small film machine except one side of the film. It can also be hot installed on both sides at the same time. Users should flexibly use these two consumables according to customer requirements and product compatibility characteristics. If some printing substrates do not support high temperature, cold mounting film can be used to complete the lamination operation.

Item Number(120156):

One set of A2 Roll Laminator(110V)

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