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120065:New All Steel 71inch Rotary Cutter
C $599.00
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71 1800MM Rotary Paper Trimmer Cutter

The rotary paper Trimmer is a great tool  for cutting photo paper, film, card stock, standard paper, art design paperboard, hot and cold laminating paper, thin plastic boards,  etc. In order to enhance the overall strength of the machine, the gliding cutters with mental structure, whose main parts are made of hard steel, have long duration. The blade is encased in a plastic housing that virtually eliminates the chance of personal injury, which can cut safely, accurately, perfect line and smooth edge, which can not be achieved using an ordinary cutter. 
It is designed with self sharpening and Bi-directional cutting blade, so that the blade can be automatically sharpened, and it's durable. The rotary paper cutter with pre-printed grids signed in centimeter and inch sizes is more accurate, convenient, fast, safe and practical, and avoiding transfer paper. it is a very good choice for office and home function.

The cutter in the video is a 24" one, what you are bidding here is a 71" one. Same function, different cutting width.


  • Safely and accurately
  • Come with 4 feet for desktop use
  • Self-sharpening blade cuts in either direction
  • Premium carbide blade is replaceable
  • Durable structure, have long duration
  • Grids in both inches & centimeters

Two pcs blades shipped free as a gift, may get rusted during transition, no return accepted based on this.


Platform of the Cutter:  30*10*3"(770*265*85mm)
Max cutting width: 71"(1800mm)
Net Weight: 88Lb(40Kg)
Cutting thickness: 8 Sheets 70G Paper

Wood Box Package

Items Included (120065):

  • One 71" Rotary Paper Trimmer 
  • Two extra premium carbide blades shipped as a gift


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