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120037:Floding paper machine
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Automatic paper folding machine

It is a small horizontal origami machine, it is suitable for folding paper in different styles, it adopt big rubber wheel to convey paper separate paper precisely, operate easily and efficiently, it can be widely used in operation Instruction Manuals, document letters, business letters.

Four folding tray paper folding examples

Product parameters:

  • Power supply:110V/60Hz

  • Power:70W

  • Maximum paper size:12in X 27in

  • Mininmun paper size:2in X 3in

  • Thickest paper specification: 125g

  • Thinnest paper specification: 40g

  • Maximun speed:262 ft/min

  • Machine size:41in X 20.5in X 22.1in

  • Net weight:99LB

The auto folding machine mainly used to foldpaper of different dimensions and different thickness in the designated range.
This amazing machine has brilliantadvantages as follows: adjust easily, send paper fluently and paging automatically.In addition, this folding machine is also step less in speed regulating withlighter weight and higher efficiency.

Detail display

Counter: Set the number of sheets you want to fold by pressing the key. When you put 20 sheets of paper on the machine, but you only want to fold 10 sheets, set the number "0010" on the control panel. The machine will stop automatically after folding 10 sheets.

(Note: When you want to continue folding paper in the later period, remember to adjust the number of this controller. When "0000" is displayed, the machine cannot be folded)

Adjustable speed switch, make it easier to adjust the speed.
High quality pickup roller, paper transimission become more smooth and steady.
When you want to cross fold, the horizontal crease is folded out by adjusting the No. 1 plate, and the vertical crease is the indentation. Adjust the position of the two rollers at the arrow. When the two rollers are closer to the middle, the vertical indentation becomes deeper. When the two rollers are farther away from the middle, the vertical indentation disappears.
Item Number:

One set of folding paper machine 110V (120037)

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