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120030:Electric Corner Rounder 110V
C $689.00

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Electric Corner Rounder with 7kinds blade

The installation of this machine platform aluminum pallets, allowing you easier deregulation, the installation of shields according to corporate security requirements.

Notching the best choice for the domestic industry for a variety of live Cutaway card, tag, notebooks, plastic film.

Cutter equipped, R3.R4, R5.R6.R8. R9.R10 seven kinds of knife, as long as a certain angle of rotation, which can replace the required knife.

Electric foot switch, easy operation, labor- saving. High efficiency. Washed down Cutaway, simple and efficient effort.

Work cutting height 80 mm, the efficiency is good quality.

This machine is the best choice for round-corner cutting.

It is used for name card, hang tag, notebook, plastic film, PVC, density board and so on.




  • All metal constructions for commercial  and professional uses
  • Easy to align with 2 mechanical side  guides
  • Easy control to change blade
  • Faster speed to handle the corner
  • Easily engage or disengage any die
  • Especially the safety cover on machine
  • High quality drawer



Max. Angle:R10
Min. Angle:R3
Max. Cutting Height:2.75in(70mm)
Working Frequency:60 times/min
Power Supply:110V/180W
Machine Net Weight:83.6LB(38KG)
Number of knives 7 (R3,R4,R5,R6,R8,R9,R10)



  • When the machine working, please keep hand away the paper press. 

Change blades knob is on the tope of the machine.

Emergency switch, temporaty switch, power switch, more safety, more convenience.

Electric foot switch, easy operation, labor- saving.
High quality drawer, more convenience.
Blade switch
Item Included:
  • One set of electric corner rounder 110V (120030)

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