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120002:17.3in 44cmx200yard Glossy Roll Laminating Film
C $27.00

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1 Roll 17.3"x656' Bopp Glossy Laminating Films

The Bopp thermal laminating film is especially good at laminating on the paper, improving the texture and stiffness of printed matter, to achieve increasing the printed matter grades and water-proof function, keep the air from the prints surface, to avoid faded and become long-tern preservation, which is ideal film for inkjet printing, laser printing, offset printing, coping, letterpress printing, mimeograph, photo, screen print, writing paper etc.


Note: You are bidding laminating film only, click here if you need a warm laminator in the video. A3/A2 width available.

8 advantages than common laminating:

1, Capable of subsequent processing such as coated by UV film, stamping press etc; common laminating is not.

2, Can bend even fold, less to delamination; common laminating is not.

3, Can write in ball-point pen on the surface if laminated by matt film. Common laminating is not.

4 Mainly applied to coating color spray paper, photo paper, uncoated paper and uneven art grain paper; common laminating is just applied to even uncoated paper

5, 3 type soft roll films, Glossy Matt and pattern.

6, Fit for continues operation, enhance assembly effectiveness.

7, The supply cost is lower than common laminating.

8, Use thermal glue, non-overflow after cold, product cut is clean and neat. Cold laminating is not, the cut will become black if the glue overflow.


Core Diameter 1" (25.4mm) core
Width 17.3" (440mm)
Length 656'; 219yd; 200M
Thickness 1mil (28mic)
Weight 5.5lb (2.3kg)
Compatible With Paper; PVC/PET film; aluminum Sheet

Compare with common laminating:

Laminating type

For the paper

Bend, fold, roll

Uneven special paper

Consumption cost


Common laminating

Uncoated paper





This laminating

All type paper





Item Included:
  • 1Rroll Glossy 17.3" x 656' (0.44 x 200M) Laminating Film (120002)----$29


Click here for other Option:

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Satin 12.5" x 656' (0.32 x 200M) laminating film (026600)---$23


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