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Heat Press & Sublimation Transfer>
110393:Upgraded Multifunctional Professional Digital Heat Press Machine 110V(5 In1 heat press) Black
C $389.00

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Upgraded Multifunctional Professional Digital Heat Press Machine 110V(5 In1 heat press)




This upgraded heat press machine has refined appearance and powerful performance. It adopts the latest double-tube heating technology and four-layer insulation technology to improve the transfer performance. Equipped with the strong dual motherboards and accurate temperature control device, the stability has also been further improved. At the same time, all the necessary accessories will be provided to ensure the most beautiful graphics on T-shirts, hats, plates, cups, etc.










Length of the Cable:

Highest Temperature: 210℃/410°F
Cap Heat Press Machine Power 150W
Mug Press: 3"-3.5"diameter (11OZ)
Plate Press #1 5" max diameter
Plate Press #2 6" max diameter
Transfer Size: 11.41*14.96in(29*38CM)
Hat/Cap Press: 6"x 3" (curved)
Mug Heat Press Machine Power: 280W



1.Interior Detail Design


Double Tube Heating

(1).Double-tube heating design ensures the heating more uniform and the better transfer quality. Compared with the single tube heating, the temperature difference is only about 5℃ between the center and the edge.

(2).Compared with the traditional heat press, the color transferred from the upgraded heat press is more vivid.



Safety Anti-scalding

(1).Using the latest four-layer insulation technology, the surface temperature of the new heat press is only about 40℃,when the working temperature reaches 210 ℃.

(2).Don't worry about getting burned when you accidentally touch the surface of the upgraded heat press.


Powerful Motherboard

(1).Dual motherboard design, strong and weak electrical separation. Two thyristors are used for temperature control with an accuracy of less than 5 ℃. In accordance with UL safety standards, circuit relay fuse control is set.

(2).If the fuse is damaged, it will automatically switch to a spare fuse without affecting your use and reducing the probability of maintenance


Delicate Design

The workmanship of the heat press 5 in 1 is quite fine such as the silicone button, suction foot, aluminum alloy plate, aluminum main beam and flashing light display, etc.

Silicone button—sensitive operation, more comfortable feel

Suction foot—The heat press machine is more stable during use, prevents the phenomenon of falling down and increases safety

Aluminum main beam— the spindle will not rust, make the rotation more convenient.

Rotate freely------ 360°


Simple Digital Display

The digital display adopts a one-piece design. The dashboard and buttons distribute together intuitively for easy and convenient operation.

With piece counting function, making business more convenient.


Marquee display design, stylish, beautiful and practical.

2.Accessory function update


Automatic Time  Switch

The mug press machine rack uses 2.5mm thickness iron plate, high quality mug heater, with automatictiming switch, no need to manually press the countdown.

The mug heater is connected and disassembled by knob without tools, quick disassembly and simple assembly.

(1).The plate heat press machine uses the aluminum mold heat conduction method.

(2).The front and back sides are equipped with

8 inch and 10 inch silicon heater. which has larger transfer area, better effect, no need to be disassembled and assembled, and simple use.

(3).Since there is no heating plate, this transfer method does not cause malfunction and maintenance, and the service life is longer. This machine supports to choose the traditional heating pad, if customers who are not accustomed to this heating method.

Six-wire baking coaster with automatic timing function, with a shrink tube at the outlet, more durable, with a stainless steel iron sheet for easy replacement.


Installation Diagram

1. Cap Transfer Process


               1. Connet the Cap   heat press machine to the main machineand set the time and temperature.

               2. Stick the transferred picture on the cap

               3.When the temperature reaches,place the cap into the mug heat press machine.

                       2. Plate Transfer Process

                     3.Mugs transfer Process:


           1. Connet the mug heat press machine to the main machineand set the time and temperature.

           2. Stick the transferred picture on the mug.

           3.When the temperature reaches,place the mug into the mug heat press machine.

Item Included:(110393)

1 x Hat Press

1 x Mug Press

2 x Plate Presses (The front and back sides are equipped with 8 inch and 10 inch silicon heater.)

1 x Wrench

1 x Power Cord

1 x Operating Manual

1 x Pair of Gloves

1 x Removable Silicone Pad and Cotton Pad

1 x Fully-assembled Machine with Platen Press


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