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110241:110V LCD Touchable Screen Mug Heat Press Sublimation Transfer Machine (11 and 15OZ)
C $140.00

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110V LCD Mug Press Transfer Machine (11 and15 OZ)

Please Note:

1.All the parameters of our machine have been set before leaving the factory. In order not to affect normal operation and the sensitivity of the machine’s smart screen, please do not press the setting button for more than 4 seconds .

2. If you accidentally press the setting button for too long and a code appears, ,do not operate, otherwise it will affect the use of the machine, please wait patiently or restart the machine directly.


The Mug Press is a great tool for applying your digital images onto coffee mugs, travel mugs,

beer steins, and more. Set up and print a digital image onto transfer paper using your favorite
image manipulation software program, and then use the Mug Press to heat and transfer the
image onto the substrate. The main  benefits of the Mug Press is how quickly the image is
transferred, the easy-to-use digital control panel and thumbscrew pressure adjustments.


Voltage 110 V
Power 450 W
Time Range 0-999 sec
Package Size 15*14*11inch (38x35x28 cm)
Display screen

LCD touchable screen

Gross Weight

13 LBS/6 KG

Using method

① Clean the mug surface, cut the image as per your design, printing size about height
9cm,length 20cm
② Wrap the mug with the cut image ,make the image in the central and make it symmetrical
both sides; Stick the paper with thermal tape.
③ Put the mug in the center of heating mat 
④ Adjust the pressure ball for printing mugs, not too tight, or too loose and close the handle,
⑤ Turn on power adjust the time/temp gauge 
⑥ Turn on time power then time will account down.
⑦ The machine will sound an alarm automatically when reaching time, turn off power take out the mug from the heating mat .
⑧ Peal off the paper. Put the mug slowly into cool water, then see a photo mug is well done by yourself!
How to set time&temperature

What in the package :

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110V LCD Mug Press Transfer Machine (11-15 OZ)





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