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110005:110V 3D Pneumatic Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press Machine (9.8*15inch Heating Plate)
C $1,169.00

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  Pneumatic 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Machine     


This item design for large touch screen, fashion and delicate, the drawer design is convenient and easy operation. It transfer products such as 3D film, phone cases, mugs, T-shirts, plate, glass frame, crystal, rock photo, puzzle, mouse pad etc. There are five saving settings, you can change the different parameters quickly, the color of machine is silver with black and the color can be customized if large quantities.

1. Please allow 1-2cm errors due to manual measurement.

2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item.

3. For safety reasons, must be connected to a reliable safety grounding device must have three feet with ground connection.

4. It can't be cleaned by water directly, that will damage the heating plate.


Features & Advantage 

1. Material selection:
This machine adopts magnesium alloy material for the first time, which is very different from the aluminum alloy and iron used in traditional hot stamping machine. The weight of magnesium alloy is about 2/3 lighter than that of aluminum alloy, and the hardness is about 1/3 higher than that of aluminum alloy.

2. Panel control design:
Super large liquid crystal display, convenient and simple setting, flexible switching between various parameters.

3. Intelligent automation:
Intelligent chip design, with its own vacuum pressure pump, complete automation.

4. Heating plate upgrade:
The traditional hot stamping machine adopts the spiral design of heating wire, the gap is large, which affects the hot stamping effect. This machine adopts heating element, and the gap is controlled within 2mm to ensure the printing effect.

5. Multifunction design:
(1)Comes with inflating pump, vacuum pump;

(2)With auto mode and manual mode;

(3)Up and down double heating panel for evenly heating;

(4)With Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperature displays;

(5)Quantative counting, you can preset processing capacity when bulk processing;

(6)Five saving settings, change the different parameters quickly.


1: Transfer products: 3D film, phone cases, mugs, T-shirts etc
2: Working mode: Auto-pneumatic, comes with air pump
3: Control mode: touch screen
4: Machine color: black
5: Voltage: AC110V/60Hz
6: Transfer Size: 260*380mm/10.4*15.2in
7: Machine Power: 2000W
8: Upper Heating Board Power: 800W
9: Down Heating Board Power: 800W
10: Vacuum: 15 L/min Negative pressure: -0.07Mpa
11: Inflation: 25 L/min Positive pressure: 0.3-0.4Mpa
12: Net Weight: 26kg/57lb
13: Packing Size: 740*540*560mm/29.6*21.6*22.4in

Details of Machine
  • Aviation grade metal material

  • Good quality, more effective heat dissipation

  • Environmental protection filter element design

  • Purifying dust, prolonging the service life of pneumatic device

  • Can store five sets of memory settings
  • Can save the last operation
  •  Improve work efficiency
  • Large touch screen design, it's fashion and delicate.


Package Content (110005)

1x Host
1x Lifting plate
1x Foamed silica gel sheet
2x iPhone 6 mould
4x 11OZ cup holder
1x 8-inch disc fixture
1x Conical cup holder
1x Straight cup holder
2x Vacuum skin
1x Gloves
1x High temperature resistant silicone tube
3x Sealing strip
1x Power cable
2x Burnt plate
4x Film positioning screw
10x Lifting plate positioning screw

air pumpX1
1x Manual


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