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102177:18 inch (45cm) Wide Oiliness Squeegee - 75 Durometer
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18" Wide Oilness Squeegee

Squeegee is also called scraper, it is one kind of tool that used to scratch the ink on the screen to make it leak to the substrate. Use for both graphic and textile applications, for all hand printing and many machine applications. It can be classified into either rubber or metal type. Our supplies now are rubber types.

These squeegees are Kiln-dried and precision cut lumber is used for the no-warp handles, which are smooth, comfortably shaped and easy to handle, helping in eliminating any symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Blades are molded under high heat and pressure and have a tensile strength of more than 2,000 lbs. This eliminates ink streaking and provides a superior long-lasting printing edge.


  • Built rugged of rubber blade and lumber handle
  • Ergonomic style straight handle is designed for comfort
  • Excellent abrasion and solvent resistance
  • Mold by high heat and pressure ensures its durability
  • 75 durometer for Oiliness Squeegee


Orginal width is 4", this new squeegee is 5.2" width!



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