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070706:Vacuum Packing Sealing Machine 110V
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Vacuum Sealer*Vacuum Packaging Machine


The vacuum sealer machine is a sealing machine which puts your stuff into a vacuum bag, pumps the internal air and achieves a certain vacuum degree. It's suitable for many kinds of bags, like ordinary plastic bag, composite food bags, aluminum foil bags and so on. It has vacuum and sealing function, or you can use the sealing function independently. It can extend quality guarantee period by using vacuum packaging.


The vacuum sealer machine can be used to store a wide variety of goods and foods like: medicine, electronic, components, video and audio products, camera equipment, jewelry, paintings, fresh dried fruit, tea, meats and vegetables and so on. After vacuum packaging, these things can be kept fresh and clean for an extended period of time and the quality maintained good. There is no moisture, no rust, no oxidation, no spoilage. It's very convenient for you when traveling or enjoying outdoor activities. This machine is ideal for daily life, stores, restaurants and office. A nice vacuum tight plastic packaging satisfies your needs and improves your service. It's a fast convenient way to save time and money.

Features & Advantages

1.Controlled heat seal timer and automatic over-heat warning indicator.
2.Protect your stuff from deterioration and keep fresh,good packaging for traveling.
3.Anti-oxidation,carbon dioxide,water-proof,extend quality guarantee period.
4.Energy efficient,small volume,light weight,easy to operate.
5.Seal many kinds of bags,like ordinary plastic bag,composite food bags,aluminum foil bags and so on.

Technical Parameters

Vacuum Limit


Width of Heat Sealing

0.2-11inch (40-280mm)

Sealing Width

0.1" (2mm)

Heat Sealing Time

Digital setting Automatic control


13.8"x5.5"x2.9" (350*140*73mm)


5.5lb (2.5kg)


AC110V 50Hz

Operating Principle

The vacuum sealer machine pumps the air inside the bag and heats the seal,keeping the inside at a highly pressure-relief state.Rarefaction of the air leads to less oxygen,then the microorganism has no survival condition.So the vacuum packaging can protect your stuff from deterioration.At the same time,it can keep fresh and extend quality guarantee period.It's very easy and convenient.

1.Press the lock catches, open the cover. 2.Pull out the nozzle, place the bag.
3.Press the cover. Turn on power, vacuum. Set the time for sealing. Press seal button.
4.Open the cover. Take the bag. Done!

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