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070587:Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine 110V
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110V Bottle Lid Cap Gasket Heat

110V Bottle Lid Cap Gasket Heat Sealing Machine


GLF-500 series electromagnetic induction sealing machine is a kind of non-contact sealing machine, using electromagnetic induction principle to induct heating the nonmetallic bottle, like plastic bottles, glass bottles. This machine is used widely in the field of medicine, chemical industry, food, beverage, grease, cosmetics and so on. It can improve your product grade, protect against moisture, extend guarantee period, strengthen anti-fake properties and improve the speed and quality of sealing. As to metal containers and sharp/cusp bottle lip, be sure not to use this machine.

Consist of Machine

Electromagnetic induction sealing machine is consist of inductive power and inductive shell cover. Power is as to generator, which works in the middle-high frequency areas. The shell cover is a plastic box, which contains inducting coil.

Working Environment

The highest working environment temperature of the machine is 45℃,the highest Relative Humidity is 80%.The machine should be used in the environment with ventilation. The bottom of the inductive power and the side of the air vents should be kept clean. Excessive temperature and relative humidity have bad effect on the working life, even damage the machine directly.

Technical Parameter





Output Power

0.8Kw-1.2Kw (Adjustable)

Static Power Consumption


Max. Allowable Current


Work Frequency


Sealed Diameter


Working Highest Temperature


Relative Humidity(RH)


Safety Standard

GB 470611998

Shell Protection Grade






Resume Function



Operation Instruction

Turn On

Switch on the machine, the nixie tube will show the default setted time "1.5s".And the LED screen is in the middle, the default output power is 1000W.The 500L machine has the resume function, which remembers the last parameter before power outage.



1.Power Adjustment

Press "Increase Power" or "Reduce Power" to adjust the Output Power. The LED screen displays 800W, 900W, 1000W, 1200W in sequence. When the sealed diameter is less than 30mm, you can improve sealing speed by setting power "High". When the sealed diameter is more than 60mm, you can get a better sealing quality by setting power "Low".

Time Adjustment

There are two buttons for sealing time adjustment. The left is for single digits, and the number you can choose is 0-5. The right is for deciles, and the number for choosing is 0-9. So the range for time adjustment is 0.1s-5.9s.


Try Sealing

Put the bottle with sensing film (aluminum foil side up) exactly under the inductive shell cover. Press the button on the top of the inductive shell cover, then the sealing time will count down. There will be sound reminders at the beginning and in the end. When the time comes to zero and show the count number again, then the sealing has finished.


Check the sealing situation. If it is tense, level and smooth, or gaskets cardboard has completed the separation, or the film and bottle has cohered together, or the sealed part looks wonderful. If so ,you have got the qualified seal.

If it sealed partly, maybe the film and the bottle don't press tightly, you can try it again.

If it looks good, but when you pull gently, the film separates from the bottle. It maybe the sealing time is short or the material of the film and bottle is different. Then you can adjust the sealing time or change the film.

If the seal is crumpled and the bottle melts, it indicates the sealing time is long. You can shorten the time properly.

Start Batch Production

If the seal can meet your requirement, then you can start batch production. You should adjust the sealing time if you change different batch of bottle or film.
If you need to check the time, please press the "Show" button shortly. And you can clear the number by pressing the "Show" button 2s. The machine will shut down automatically if you have no button action within 15min. If you don't unplug the power plug, the system will remember the last data (like output power, sealing time, count number) and work when you start next time.
No matter in which state, 500L machine can remember present parameter automatically.



This package included (070587):


1 set Aluminum Foil Bottle Cap Gasket Sealing Machine 110V



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