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070062:100pcs Per Bag 4x6 inch(10x15cm) Single Layer Inflatable Air Bag For Packaging
C $10.00

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Single-deck Air Bags Cushion Packaging

Cushion packaging is also known as shockproof packaging. The principle of cushion packaging is air expansion. It is the packaging that can slow down the impact and shock of the contents inside and protect them from damage. Cushion packaging is made of Low Density Polyethylene, and now it has become a commonly used eco-friendly transparent flexible packaging materials. It has various kinds of products, like double filling bag, single-deck air filling bag, column bag and so on. It can be used to wrap or ship different kinds of products.

Here are single-deck air bags, the bag can seal entrance automatically after inflated, if you want to put off gas inside for recycling, you can use a tubular strip to insert into the bag via the air filling entrance, but please don't destroy the air value thoroughly, or it won't seal up air bags.


Cushion packaging has been used widely now. The main field of application is transport packaging. It also can be used in the fields of luggage, handbags, liquid product, electronics, circuit board, book, medicine, cosmetic, instrument, ceramic, artware, household electrical appliances, furniture, hardware products, glasswork and precise instrument and so on. Almost all products can be protected effectively by this air filling cushion packaging.


1.Just one layer sealing bag, can't be put stuffs inside, but it's more convenient and safer to filling space and slow down the impact and shock of the contents inside between goods and packaging boxes.
2.Humanized automatic shape up function.
3.Light weight, good transparency, strong flexibility.
4.Sound insulation, no smell, no poison.
5.Humidity resistance and corrosion resistance.
6.Sturdy and durable, good air tightness.
Good vibration absorbance, good resistance to compression, good electrical insulation.
Can be repeated use. It can be inserted tubular strip to put off gas inside for recycling.


Single Layer Air Cushion Packaging Bag
 4"x6" (10x15cm)

Dimension 4"x6"(10x15cm)
Inflated Volume Expands to 2.4"x2.8"x4.3"
(6cmx7cmx11cm) after filling
Material PE co-extruded film
Material Thickness 55micron
Quantity 100pcs/bag
Weight 0.002kg/pcs (0.0044lb/pcs) 0.2kg/bag (0.44lb/bag)
Maximum Load-Bearing Weight 4-5kg (8.8-11lb)

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