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056327:110V flow intelligent peristaltic pump V1 (MC1 6R pump head with 2*1, 2.4*0.8 hose)
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V1 Flow Type Peristaltic Pump (Intelligent Version with 2*12.4*0.8 Tubing)

Product Overview
  Intelligent flow type peristaltic pump, industrial grade 4.3 inch true color LCD display, touch screen control, speed range: 0.1-150 RPM, flow range: 0.000067-570 ml/min;Animation display transmission status, flow data, setting parameters, system configuration with the same screen display;With intelligent calibration and online fine-tuning functions, three metering modes: quantitative metering, timing quantitative, timing start and stop meet various complex transmission and distribution requirements.
  The output signal of special motor running state can be used for other equipment to monitor the running state of current peristaltic pump in real time.Abundant external control mode can be selected at will, with a unique programmable external control mode;It also supports RS232 and RS485 communication interfaces and the standard MODBUS communication protocol, which can realize remote control under various industrial conditions. It is an ideal choice for laboratory application, instrument supporting and industrial production.
Product Parameters
Actuator V1
Pump head Mc-m 6R
Flow range 0.000067-570 ml/min
Speed range 0.1-150 R/M
Rotational speed resolution 0.01 R/M
Velocity resolution 0.01 microlitre
Flow accuracy 0.5%
Outlet pressure 0.86~1.0mm wall thickness hose: 0.1mpa;1.6-2.4mm wall thickness hose: 0.1-0.27mpa
Back to the suction point 0-360 degree
Motor type Stepping motor
Circuitry Shenchen-N-CIR
Control program Shenchen-N-EMB
Display usage 4.3Industrial grade true color LCD
Speed adjustment mode: Digital knob
External control speed control signal: 0-5V
Start stop, reverse signal: Passive switching signal, such as foot switch;Active switching signal: 5V, 12V, 24V optional
Communication interface: RS232RS485 Support Modbus protocol (RTU mode)
Drive weight: 5.02kg(11.1 lbs)
Ip code: IP31
Relative humidity: 80%
Environment temperature: 0-40
Consumed power : 40W
Applicable to the power supply: 110V10% 60Hz
Operation mode Touch screen and film button
Gross weight 14.3LBS
Product Features & Advantages
1.The original import 4.3 inch - industrial grade - true color LCD screen, clear picture quality, quality more guaranteed.The animation displays the real-time working status, and the same screen displays the liquid velocity, motor speed, setting parameters and system configuration.

2.Original imported touch screen operation, high hardness, scratch resistance, high sensitivity, and emphasis on user experience -- "touch and go".

3.Stepper motor drive, precise control.

4.The shenchen-v-cir circuit system all adopts original imported chips, with high computing speed, reliable performance and stable operation.

5.Shenchen-v-emb operating system, embedded software design, powerful functions, strong control, friendly interface, pay attention to user experience.

6.intelligent calibration function, can be the flow or distribution of liquid volume calibration, ensure the flow accuracy, suitable for high-precision transmission of liquid.

7.Quantitative measurement function: after this function is turned on, the peristaltic pump will automatically measure and transfer the total liquid volume, and the flow rate can be changed at will during the working process. When the infusion volume reaches the set value, it will automatically stop.It is suitable for laboratory dosing or quantitative dosing in chemical reaction.

8.Timing and quantification function: after this function is turned on, the peristaltic pump transmits the amount of fixed liquid within a set time, which is suitable for the liquid packaging in the laboratory or industrial production line.

9.Regular start and stop function: the start and stop time of the pump can be set at will to realize automatic control.

10.rich external control functions, in addition to the conventional start and stop, direction, speed control and RS485 RS232 communication interface, shenchen-v-emb-pgm programmable external control functions, to meet the special industrial control requirements.

11.With online fine-tuning function.In the production process, when the hose appears fatigue or wear, use the online fine-tuning function, can not stop the case, fine-tuning flow, eliminate errors, ensure the smooth production.

12.The unique precise Angle control technology, can achieve high precision distribution and measurement.

13.Quick filling function, can not only clean the hose, but also can quickly fill the pipe with liquid.

14.Automatic temperature control system, effectively reduce fan noise.

15.Power off memory function, timely storage of data, safe and reliable.

16.Super anti-interference characteristics, wide voltage design, suitable for complex power supply environment.

17.Circuit board with spray three anti - paint process, dust, moisture, anti - static, anti - corrosion.

18.304 stainless steel case, in line with GMP certification requirements of pharmaceutical factory.At the same time, seamless welding technology is adopted to avoid accidental leakage of liquid spilled on the surface of the chassis into the interior of the chassis, effectively protecting the internal circuit.

Note: if you need other specifications of peristaltic pump, please contact us.

Product Presentation & Details
Item Included
Peristaltic pump X1
Us standard plug X1
2mm (inside diameter) *1mm (wall thickness) hose X2
2.4mm (inner diameter) *0.8mm (wall thickness) hose X2
Tool X2
Manual X2
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