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053263:Floor Heating Water Distributor(3 branches)
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3-Branch PEX Radiant Floor Heating Manifold Set

Product Overview
In the floor heating system, the mainfold is mainly responsible for the opening and closing of the water flow in the floor heating loop. When the heated water flows into the mainfold through the main pipeline, the water is evenly distributed to the loop, and after heat exchange, the water is returned to the water outlet. into the heating system. Widely used for heating in homes, schools, hotels, swimming pools and other places.
Product Parameters
Branch number: Three
Material: Main 304 stainless steel(chromium>18% nickel>8%)copper:59 brass
Main connection thread at both ends: G 1" pipe thread
Branch pipe adapter: G 1/2"
Inner diameter of applicable floor heating pipe: 0.47"(12mm)
Spacing of branch pipes: 1.97"(50mm)
Stainless steel tube body thickness: 0.06"(1.6mm)
Temperature control trip: 0.12"(3mm)
Applicable temperature: 1℃-95℃
Applicable pressure: ≤1.5MPa
Applicable medium: Water
Package size: 18.1"*16.5"*4.3"(46cm*42cm*11cm)
Net weight/Gross weight: 8.8Lb(4.0kg)/11.2LB(5.1kg)
Optional Specifications
Branch Number Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve
Number 053249 053263 053264 053248 053265 053266 053243 053267 053268 053269 053270
Overall Width 10.9" 12.8" 14.8" 16.8" 18.7" 20.7" 22.7" 24.6" 26.6" 28.6" 30.5"
Product Features & Advantages
- No matter how the pressure difference of the system changes, the flow of each floor heating branch finally runs stably according to the heat load.
- Equipped with two brackets, reserved mounting holes, convenient to install the water distributor to the wall or box.
- Stainless steel surface after drawing and polishing treatment, beautiful and generous, smooth and easy to clean.
- Backwater branches are equipped with independently adjusted temperature control valves, which can control the backwater of branches separately to adjust the temperature.
- The tube body has been degaussed, which does not absorb any impurities, effectively reduces friction and prevents scaling, and prolongs service life.
- Before leaving the factory, each set will be put in water for sealing test to ensure normal and safe use.
Product Presentation & Details
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/263/7.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/263/4.jpg
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/263/5.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/263/6.jpg
Item Included(053263)
3-Branch Manifold *1 English Manual *1

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