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026564:Manual Hot Glue Binder Wireless Binding Machine
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Manual Hot Glue Binder Binding Machine Document And Book Binding Machine

This thermal binding Machine is a heavy duty high capacity thermal binding unit that will bind your books using a durable EVA adhesive with an embedded book binding fabric for secure binding. This unit is capable of binding from 1 to 400sheets and will bind 200 book every hour. This Machine no solar cutter, noise free ,dust free, glue binder.


1.Heavy duty high capacity thermal binding .bind 200 book every hour
2.Fast and simple way to bind both soft and hardcover thermal books quickly.
3.No more punching and binding - Get a professional strong bond in just seconds.
4.The temperature can be adjusted. According to different types of rubber particles, adjust the temperature knob to control the melting speed of rubber particles.

Operation steps:
1. Turn on the power switch, adjust the temperature to 145 degrees, and wait for the glue to melt.
2. Place the inner sheet between the clamping plates, and rotate the paper clamping drive wheel to clamp the inner sheet.
3. Place the cover on the cover desk.
4. Push the drive handle to the cover desk at a constant speed from left to right.
5. Turn the binding handle to clamp the cover and inner pages.
6. Return the handle, loosen the cardboard clip and take out the page.



Material: metal
Color: black+white
Voltage: 110V
Power: 1200W
Maximum binding thickness: 40mm/400 A4 copy paper
Binding speed: 200 books per hour
Temperature range of melted rubber particles:135℃ -180℃
Heat up time: 20 mins
Net weight:61.6 lbs/28 kg

Item Number(026564):

1 x Manual Hot Glue Binder Binding Machine

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