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026009:196x25In Glossy Cold Laminating Film
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3Mil 25x196" Glossy Laminating Film


Note: These are small rolls cut by ourselves, no core.


Cold Roll Laminating Film is alternative to thermal laminating film that require no heat to activate the adhesive. No warm-up time necessary. Similar to using standard adhesive tape to cover your document, cold lamination is perfect when the precision quality of a thermal heat laminator is not necessary. Or when the material you are using cannot withstand the heat of thermal lamination. Roll lamination film preserves and protects documents. Roll lamination film can be used to laminate posters, maps, signs and other documents.

Made of transparent PVC with pressure sensitive adhesives.


Surface Thickness: 3Mil (0.075MM)
Adhesive 0.4Mil (11μm)
Base Paper 100G
Length Adhesive: 180In; 5Yards
Width: 25In (0.63M)
Gross Weight: 2Lb (0.9kg)


After Laminating:


Item# Description Weight QTY
026009 196x25In Glossy Cold Laminating Film 2Lb(0.9Kg)


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