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025201:Dry Powder Mixer Drum Blender Mixing Machine for Feed Particle Granual 15gallon
C $1,925.00

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60L Stainless Steel Dry Powder Mixer Metal Metallurgy Powder Blender 110V


This machine is mainly used for uniform mixing of powdery or granular materials.

The machine has the advantages of simple structure, safe operation, high mixing

uniformity, good sealing performance.  


Metal powder: aluminum, zinc, lead, copper, iron, nickel, alloy metal, magnetic material.

Chemical materials: resin, plastic, rubber additives etc.

Food material: flour, cocoa, coffee, seasoning and additive etc.

Chinese and Western medicine raw materials

Abrasive: glass powder beads, alumina, corundum, emery and quartz sand etc.

Fibrous material: sawdust, wood powder, charcoal, activated carbon and carbon black

Electric solder, Refractory, Magnetic phosphor.   


Voltage: 110V

Power: 2.2KW

Barrel capacity: 60L

Tank speed: 12-13RPM

Mixing time6-8Minutes

Size: 110CM*80CM*102CM(43.3”*31.5”*40.1”)   

Net weight: 180.8lbs


Item include(025201)
1* Stainless Steel Dry Powder Mixer Metal Metallurgy Powder Blender 110V

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