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024160:Air Conditioning Cleaning Machine(110V)
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Air Conditioning Cleaning Machine(110V)

Wear the glove and eye protection glass to protect the skin and eyes from refrigerant. Don't use this device near the fire and spark. Don't expose this device into sunshine and rain. Avoid to contact with corrosive liquid and gas. Keep good ventilation.

△Only for R134a. Check the refrigerant type before operation.
△The real working capacity of refrigerant cylinder should be 80% of it's efficient capacity, to avoid the serious accident result from overhigh side.
△Be sure that the high and low manual valve is closed before connecting the device to the air conditioner. Don't put the hose near rotation and heating automobile parts such as electronic fan and radiator.
△Check the vacuum pump oil level before use.
△The start time of recovering process should be less than 10 in one hour otherwise the compressor will be damaged.
△Keep away from children and people of insufficient mental development when running.
△Only for expert professional.
△Don’t disassemble device without permission of manufacture.
△Don’t put this device upside down.
On the right side of this device there is high voltage input.
△The charge process would not work if the refrigerant in cylinder is less than 1Kg.
△Close the high and low manual valve after each time of using this device.

Technical parameter:
Power supply: AC 110V
Digital weight scale precision:0.2%(FS)
Speed of vacuum:60L/min
Maximum vacuum: 5×10¯1(Pa)
Refrigerant cylinder capacity: 10Kg
Speed of recovering: 250g/min
Speed of refilling: 800g/min
Net weight: 73Kg
Size(mm): 590*460*1100(L*W*H)

Name:Air Conditioning Cleaning Machine(110V)
Voltage: 110V
Dimenshion : 50.6" (L) x 24.4" (W) x 28.4" (H)
Packing: wooden packing
1.Reclaim and recover refrigerant
2.Vacuumize the air conditioner
3.Refill refrigerant into air conditioner
4.Refill air conditioner with tin refrigerant
5.Refill the compressor oil into air conditioner
Package Includes:
1 set of Air Conditioning Cleaning Machine(110V)(024160)
If you have any questions, please contact us.

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