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022632:220VBrush Weld seam cleaning machine weld polishing machine TIG welding washing
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MultifunctionTIG Welding Washing Machine 220V


Household stainless steel weld seam black spot cleaning machine polishing machine.

It Can be used to clean welds, black spots, etc.

This product is widely used in stainless steel decoration, kitchenware, chemical machinery, food machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery and other stainless steel products industry.

1, Connect the cleaning gun( torch) and the ground cable to the correct position, and then use a small piece of cloth tip with a rubber band to wrap the gun(torch), make the gun(torch) insulated. 
2,Connect the ground clamp to the work piece, make the gun(torch) power on,make the gun touch the cleaning fluid, cleaning the welding seam place slowly moving back and forth, the black color of welding will disappear instantly , after thate rinse with water immediately. 
3, When there is a small spark during cleaning, means that the processing cloth has been broken, insulation failure, replace the cloth. 
4, If there is a short circuit during working, power will be automatically disconnected, machine stop working, then simply press on again, you can continue to work




Output Voltage

DC24V /36V



Cleaning Material:

Aluminium, alloy, stainless steel, copper, iron, black spots or yellow spots.

Package Weight:

22Lb (10kg) 

Package Dimensions :



Usage method:

1.Put it into the AC220 power supply. The welding torch Connect the appropriate terminal, control line is plug, turn on the power switch, the power indicator light (red) lights, the cloth with liquid handling gun nozzle bag to press the switch, to wipe the black black bead, disappeared, treated water can be used wet cloth wipe effect.

2. when handling the gun and work inside the machine to prevent short circuit, overload protection circuit will automatically disconnect the power panel indicator of normal light, stop working, now only need to wait for the 1-2s, you can continue to work .



Item Included:(022632)

  • TIG Welding Washing Machine x1


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