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022413:Motorized Linear Type MIG Machine(110V)
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 Linear Type Automatic Welding Oscillator

Welding oscillator is mainly suitable for MIG/MAG(GMAW), TIG(TIG), plasma welding and other welding torch swing. The oscillator input and output interfaces can be easily left with a combination of welding positioner, welding wheel frame welding and the like using a cross-arm automatic or semi-automatic welding, for welding fillet welds, pressure vessels, flanges, steel,  shipbuilding, piping, etc., can replace a large number of skilled welders, access to quality and efficient welding process.


Before operating the unit, please read the instruction book  thoroughly, and retain it for future reference.

Be careful when you operate the machine.

Model BDQ-60
Working Voltage AC 110V 60Hz
Swing Tracks linear
Welding Process No. 10
Swing Speed Range 0-50mm/s
Swing Range 0-60mm
Left Stop Time Range 0-9.9s
Right Stop Time Range 0-9.9s
Middle Stop Time Range 0-9.9s
Rate Load 2.5kg
Item Include(022413)
  • A set of Linear Type Automatic Welding Oscillator


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