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022324:V-Cut PCB Separator Cutting Machine(110V,40W)
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V-Cut Separator Cutting Machine


1. Before using the machine, please read this manual carefully, and it will help you operate it smoothly.

2. Do not remove the guard around the blade under any circumstance, in order not to cause any danger.

3. The machine is only designed for circuit board with pre-scored V-cut, do not use in other purposes.

4. When operating this machine, do not wear too loose clothes. Long hair should be tied up to prevent it from being entangled.

Adjustment of Machine

1. Ensure the components on the circuit board will not collide with the body and blade.

2. According to the thickness of the circuit board, adjust the height of the upper blade by adjusting the knob.

 Voltage AC110V/60Hz
Power 40 W
Thickness of Cutting Range 0.6mm~1.6mm
Cutting Speed 0-200mm/s
Height of Upper PCB less-than-equal 20mm
Height of Lower PCB less-than-equal 10mm
Inner Side of PCB Range  less-than-equal 240mm
Upper Blade Adjust Range 0-15mm
Operating Temperature 10-35 centigrade
Storage Temperature -20-50 centigrade
Machine Size(L x W x H) 15.6*12.4*16.4 in.
Operation Instruction

1.   Connect to the power supply and start the switch.

2.   Adjust the gap between the upper and lower blades.

3.   The upper and lower cutters must be in the same plane, and the error cannot exceed 0.1mm.

4.   Set the cutting travel and speed

5.   Step on the pedal switch, and try sometimes. In case of no abnormity, formal work can be started.

Basic maintenance

1.   After the completion of the work, please turn off the power supply and remove scraps.

2.   Pay attention to the protection of upper and lower cutters.

3.   When the machine is out of work for a long time, please remove the upper and lower cutters and coat with oil to protect. Please wipe it before use.

4.   Pay attention to checking the fastening of all screws.

Item Include(022324)
  • PCB Cutting Machine.

  • Power Wire.

  • Manual

  • Hexagonal Wrench


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