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022114:Swimming Pool and Spa Heater (15KW 220V)
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15KW Swimming Pool Heater

This product can be installed  indoors or outdoors, fixed on a smooth and flat surface. Refer to diagram 1 for  correct installation and connection with the filtration system. Leave at least  200-300mm space above and around the heater for maintenance and repair.


Before operating the unit, please read this instruction book thoroughly and be careful when you use the product. Before you purchase it, please clearly understand the size of the product.

Input voltage: 220V
Power: 15KW
Package Weight:  27LB
Machine Dimensions (L*W*H):  18*4*14 in.

  • Read  through the manual carefully to know better about the heater's installation  and operation, and check the parameters before installation.

  • Check  the circulation system first before turn on the heater.

  • Never  disassemble the heater when connecting to power supply.

  • Never  turn on the heater without water.

  • No  power switch is designed for the heater. The fornt panel switch can only  turn off the controller, thus you should cut off the main power supply  before performing maintenance or repair.

  • Proper grounding is important.

  • Start  the circulation pump for at least 2 minutes before turn on the heater, and  turn off the circulation pump at least 2 minutes after turn off the heater.

  • Once  unexpected high temperature 60 centigrade occurs, the temperature swith cuts off the system. You need to cut off the  main power supply, resolve the fault and wait the temperature to fall below  normal temperature, then press the "Reset" button to restart the  heater.

  • Note:This item only support 220V.

  • The product need to connect wires, the instruction  has the detalied method.

Item Include(022114)
1. A set of swimming Pool and Spa Heater 

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