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022105:Black Hot Lava Cooking Steak(two lattice)
C $79.00

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 Hot Lava Rock Cooking Steak



 Lava  Rock and porcelain

Stone size


Package Weight: approx 15.4 Lb (7kg) 
Machine Dimensions : 21"*12"*8"  (52*29*19cm)


For the best results the  stone only, will need to be heated to between 250-300 degrees Celsius (approx.  480-570 Fahrenheit). At home this can be achieved on the hob or stove  (20-30minutes) under the grill (30-40) minutes, in the oven ( 30-60 minutes) or  even on the barbecue. If you are a professional food service users we strongly  recommend our oven range as these provide the simplest, most compact way of  heating large numbers of stones at a time. Needless to say the stones will only  take in the maximum heat of your chosen method, but every home will be able to  accommodate at least one of the methods above. Once you're happy heating them,  you can experiment with the ideal heat for what you're cooking and how you like  it served.



1. Cooking utensils made  of 100% pure natural material, it is not contain any chemical layer so you don't  have to worry about wear layer and eat into the body, it is the most safety and  health cooker.

2. Stone will produce far  infrared heating,far infrared ray can transfer heat to the interior of the food,it can keep food flavor.

3. Stone heat can moderate  the release of heat energy, it can control the temperature for a long time  within the 220-260 degree simply and effectively, it is regarded as the best cooking  temperature, not because of the high temperature to produce carcinogens.

4. Stone contains a  variety of beneficial mineral composition, it can be absorbed by human body  after heating.

5. Stone has the function  of antibacterial sterilization.

Processing  Guidelines For The Hirst Time

1. Saline soak: soak the stone plate with  strong brine immersion for 72 hours at least, the higher brine concentration  will have the better effect . ( soft the stone plate ).

2. The reactionary drying: Use the gas burners  to dry the stone plate, turn inside and outside at the same time. The  temperature is not hot ( 60 degree is the best ), or baking in the oven  ( baking the internal moisture of the plate ).

3. Wipe the oil onto the plate: make a mixer of  salt and cooking oil, wipe the stone plate twice before the stone body cooling.  ( The salt and oil get into the stone plate body quickly, and form a protective  layer. That can prevent the outside water entering the stone plate ).

4. Heat quickly: continue to turn slowly until  the stone plate is heated to 150 degree. ( stone plate is easier to crack when heated  to 100 degree), remember to turn while heating, it can make the temperature of  stone body rise uniformly. If you use the oven, you do not need to turn.

5. The cooling for use: wipe oil to use after  natural cooling. In order to prolong the service life of stone plate, when you  use the the stone plate at the beginning of a period, please according to the  fourth step method to heat the stone plate, or heating in the oven.

The stone material we choose is certified to compare the high temperature  resistance and crack rarely. Using the correct pretreatment method, the stone  plate cracking risk will reduce greatly. But it can't guarantee 100% no crack,  so the reason of cracking cannot serve as return. Please  buy it with cautious.

Item Included:

 One set of Hot Lava Rock  Cooking Steak. (022105)


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