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021357:220V Automatic Cigarette Wrapping Machine
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220V Automatic Cigarette Wrapping Machine

This instruction is a detailed description of the carrying, storage, installation, startup, working condition, maintenance, and troubles, repairing.

It is recommended that the machine be installed by trained professional worker.


The job of proper maintenance is necessary for machine to work normally and prolong its life. Maintenance includes a few aspects described below:

1) Every time after finishing working, clean dust, rubbish and dirty oil; check the condition of heating wire; put grease on the lifting shaft.

2) Every time after 500-hour work, put grease on lifting structure including gearbox, chain and track; check the level of oil in the vacuum pump to keep above 1/2 oil level; make up for the shortage before start the machine.

3) Inspect the motor regularly and make up for lubricating oil in time.

4) Special notice:

a) The electronics and circuit in the electrical box shall be checked up completely once a year; exchange the unqualified parts in time; measure the insulation resistance and keep it in 2Ω.

b) Check the earth wire often to insure its security

c) Cut off the power before repair.7 MALFUNCTION AND CAUSE



Voltage and power


Packing size

For cigarette box, poker box, small boxes like these.

Packing speed




Machine Dimension


Please read this introduction carefully and get it through before using.

Make sure this introduction is possessed by the operator or the managerial personnel of this product.

Please keep this manual after reading and make sure it is touchable for reference in future.

Any questions please contact us.



This instruction is specially edited by great care. The manufacturer is irresponsible for the mistakes or the user’s misunderstanding.

The manufacturer is irresponsible for the damage or problems raised by having not adopted the required spare part.

The manufacturer has the right to amend the parameter or the spare part no further notice will be given to the buyer.

The manufacturer has the reserved rights. Don’t reprint any part of the instruction without our written agreement.





Cellophane film roller

Where your cellophane should be put on.


Cellophane golden strip (optional) roller

Where the golden strips should be put on.



It is for placing product and product wrapping.


Film cutter

Cutting the film from roller.


Wrapping frame

Automatically wrapping box film.


Small handle for pushing product. 

Pushing product into the heating area and make wrapping artistic.



  • Operating voltage must be normal and connect earth wire for safety to avoid shock.

  • Do not touch the high speed moving blade with fingers or another bady organ.

  • When to load and unload parts,the power plug must be pulled down.

  • Forbid to plug the fanlight.


Package size : 66*32*38cm(26*12.6*15in)

weight: 25kg (56lbs) 
Product Detail

Control panel

There are two temperature control panels on this CW-88 cigarette packing machine.

“A” panel displays the temperature of the cutting part temperature and you can also adjust the temperature right here by pushing the button on the panel. Push “SET” button and then push “DOWN” arrow for lower temperature and “UP” arrow for higher temperature. When it reaches ideal temperature you want. Please push “SET” for temperature confirmation.

Similarly, “B” panel displays reading of inner temperature, which is very important for packing of product. You need to adjust temperature to a moderate degree. On this, you packing should look nice.



l Make plug and socket connected. Be sure that the power is on.

l To make your film on the film roller and strip on the strip roller.

l Temperature setting. Generally, the temperature should stay within 120~220 Celsius Degree. Temperature makes cutting easier and packing nicer to look.

l Packing the product manually with the film down from the roller.

l Pull roughly packed box onto the cutter to cut it from roller. And make it in the small handle space.

l Push the handle to send the box into inner heating part and forms final wrapped box.

l Please contact us to get the operation video if you are still unable to use the machine.

l A trained worker could do the packing work very fast, while an untrained is much slower.


Items included:

1 set of 220V Automatic Cigarette Wrapping Machine(021357)
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
021357 220V Automatic Cigarette Wrapping Machine 1 Set


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