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020291:Full automatic tin sealing machine 110V
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                   Auto 110 Can Sealer(85mm)

(1)The mold is 85mm, if you want to seal other size of cans, please contact us before place an order.

(2)Buyer is responsible to unload and bring the shipment inside their location.

Lift gate/inside delivery service is available upon requested for additional fee.

(3)Your delivery address should be commercial address, should not be private

 residence address.

(4)We suggest you to seal plastic cans. If you want to seal tin plates, please

 contact us before place an order.


This product is suitable for various kinds of iron, plastic, glass, paper cans of circular container sealing, reliable quality, has the characteristics of simple operation, quick action ", is the ideal equipment for food, beverage and other industries essential.


Product capacity: 18-20pcs/min

Suitable product diameter: 85mm

Spindle speed: 620r/min

Power: (1)25W(2)380W

Voltage: 110V

Item size: 70*65*31cm(27.3’’*25.35’’*12.1’’)

Weight: 68kg(150lbs)

Package size: 34’’×28’’×15’’


Step1:Adjust the different specifications of the product

    Turn off the motor, loosen the lock nut supporting plate, the workpiece size regulating shaft to move out. Unloading the upper die and the lower die, the need for the upper and lower die, according to the following step2 and step3 to complete the diameter and height of the adjustment.

Step2:Adjust the workpiece diameter

  Loosen the lock nut supporting plate, the premise of the press wheel does not touch the head of, (above the head, the first pressing wheel, adjusting the size of the workpiece axis center of 3.1) .The first roller is adjusted to the distance from the top of the head about 2mm, the locking nut lock tight to 3 points, at this point to turn the handle to see if the distance between the second rollers to keep up with the pressure head is the same as the distance between the first roller and the pressure head, if the distance between the two rollers to keep up with the pressure head is relatively large, at this time, we need to use the eccentric shaft to adjust the distance between the two rollers to keep up with the pressure head, generally, the first press wheel is closer to the upper pressure head than the second pressing wheel. (about 0.5mm), this step is a good and fine adjustment screw slowly inside adjustment, generally to the first round of pressure head distance is about 0.5--0.8mm, second wheel head distance is about 0.8--1.2mm, at this time if a wheel distance is not ideal can be adjusted (by an eccentric shaft this size depends on the effect) after adjusting the lock nut lock.

Step3:Adjust the height of the workpiece

     Loosen the height adjusting rod nut, adjust the height adjusting screw height, put them in a jar and lid, will lift the handle into the up position, rotating head height adjustment screw to just stick the lid and then to increase 1 2mm or so, to achieve the sealing tank body and the tank cover rotation function, and then lock the nut can be.

Step4:Test seal

   The above two steps can be carried out after the test well sealed, open motor switch, put them in a jar and lid, treading the foot pedal, the right hand to hold the handle in turn the first roller and the second roller pressure on the head (Note: the wrench handle when the speed is not too fast, otherwise it will hand to steady, the edge seal appears choppiness or Flash), when second pressure wheel pressure head back from around 5--10mm, that is to limit pressure wheel rotation, then release the pedal, follow the workpiece bottom die in place after the handle drop back, look at the effect of out products, the effect can be no problem production, if the result is not ideal and can adjust the eccentric wheel.

Item Include::
1 set of 110V Auto Can Sealer

 Full Auto 110V Can Sealer (020291)

  Item## Description QTY Unit
020291 Full Auto 110V Can Sealer 1 set



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