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017210:110v 30x40 CNC Engraving Machine Ball Screw
C $975.00
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How does it work?
There are only 3 steps to make a picture or txt into carvings .All of the steps are easy to learn and control.What you buy is not only a machine but also a easy way to engrave.
Here is showing how easy to Mill:
What is the item listed above?
The machine mini CNC. PCI_LPT card,control box,PCI_LPT driver.
Here are what you get:
Application: applied to the industries of advertising making, stamps processing,hand crafts,art crafts production and some special accurate instrument apparatus processing.
Characteristics:be good at processing small precision instuments,multi-file speed control,speed curve and a straight line independent contor.
Processed products:stainless steel chesst-brand,copper seal,jade seals, making on the working piece, copper electrodes,punching moulds and thermos dies,etc.
Feature: be good at processing small precision instuments, easy to control,support G code.
Easy But Professional,See from the table to find the Technical Parameters
We would offer the manual that shows how to set mach3 after purchasing,or contact us for preview.
Why choose us?
Customer:What are you selling?
Seller:The package of the hardwares,mini CNC ,control box and PCI_LPT card(PCI=>25 parallel port).
Customer:Does it come with software?
Seller:Yes. we provide one-stop service.
Customer:How can I get the painting software?
Seller:Because of the CNC software accept G-code,We suggest customers to use Artcam 8.1 which can make tool path into G-code.And the Artcam8.1 can be download from the home website for preview.
Customer:Can I use it with my PC?How can I connecte the machine and computer?
Seller:Yes.we offer a LPT_PCI card for the computer that there is no parallel ports on the back of desktop computer. It is easy to connect the cables according to guide .
Customer:How do you ship?
Seller:We ship it in a box as the picture at the right side.We would ship it ASAP.
Customer:Is it easy to learn and use?
Seller:Yes,read the manual before starting the machine,use it with a pair of glasses to protect your eyes,because the Spindle runs in high speed.
Customer:Where can I buy the tools?
Seller:The engraving bits are sold in our shop too.
Installation steps-
Choosable spindle cooling fan
Notice 1:The following pictures are taken in kind ,are not a network download(Many other sellers copy pictures from website)

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