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015985:1” 11In1 Button Maker+1000 Pin Parts+Plastic Cutter
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 Pro N1 1" 25mm Button Maker Kit

Here comes the NEW  generation of Button Maker in Professional   Type!!
We have focused on Button Maker for several years and in  order   to reward each one of our old and new customer, we decided  to   import this New Generation of Button Machines!!
All metal body ensures high quality and daily output    3,000-5,000 sets, faster than the common one. Will be world No    1.
What comes along are more various amount&types of supplies    expected to be designed!


Button Maker Machine

Button, badge,   sticker, or whatever you'd like to call. Create yours below!   Pick a picture, enter some text, and you'll get a button by   yourself.

So you want to be a Button Maker? Well you're in the right   place. Here is your source for button machines and parts.

First you need to design your graphics or just download from   web. Then print them out! 

Before you can really get down to business pressing buttons,  you  have to cut out the circles. You can use a Graphic Punch,  or you  can use an Adjustable Rotary Cutter. Or if you're a real  glutton  for punishment you can go at it by hand, but don't say  I didn't  warn you!

One Complete Button Maker Machine

+  =   

       Rack Frame + Mould = One Complete Button Maker Machine



Q: If I have bought one button maker (such as 2-1/4"58mm) from you, and   I want to make a new size (such as 3"75mm ) or a new type (oval or   square) button, how to make it with less money?

A: Our button maker is made of one button maker rack and one die mould. 
All types of button in one size can be made with the same size mould.   (for example, 2-1/4"58mm pin badge and 2-1/4"58mm rubber magnetic all   can be made with 2-1/4"58mm die mould.) 
If you have the rack and want a new size of button, you just need to  buy  a new size of die mould and make new size buttons immediately.

Circle Cutter


This   circle cutter provides an easy method to cut circular    button graphics with speed and accuracy, easily adjusts   to cut a  range of sizes with the diameter in


1000  Sets Pin Badge Metal Back Button Parts

One complete set includes 1 Shell, Mylar and Pin back. 100   Sets per package.

Shell Size: 1"   25mm

(All  metal parts   provide a high quality than other plastic one.)


More Options

Size Available


1-1/4"(32mm); 1-3/4"(44mm);

2-1/4"(58mm); 3"(75mm);

1"(25mm); 1-1/2"(37mm);

1-3/5"(40mm); 2"(50mm);

2-1/5"(56mm); 2-1/2"(65mm);



Type Available

Pin Badge

Magnetic Badge

Keychain Badge

Bottle Opener


Rope Tie

Photo Stander

Clip Button

Hair Button

Flashing   Button

Clock Button


Item Included:
1. One Pro N1    Button Maker Machine   (015300)                                                      

2. One 1" 25mm Die Mould                         (015330)                                            

3. One Circle   Cutter                                   (015018)                                           

4. 1000 Sets 1" 25mm Metal Back Pin Badge Button Parts     (015500*10)           


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