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015341:100mm NEW MOULD
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4" 100mm  Interchangeable Professional  Die Mould

Here comes the NEW    generation of Button Maker in Professional Type!!
We have focused on Button Maker for several years and in  order to   reward each one of our old and new customer, we decided  to import this   New Generation of Button Machines!!
All metal body ensures high quality and daily output  3,000-5,000 sets,   faster than the common one. Will be world No  1.
What comes along are more various amount&types of supplies  expected to   be designed!
So... What are you still waiting for! Put on badge which the  man you   rooted is on and just scream for him!
You  are bidding die mould only! If you are interested in the machine rack or  the total package, please visit our website or eBay store.

These die mould ONLY  work with our Professional button maker rack, and just compatible with  our materials supplies. If you have not bought rack or supplies in our  store before, please contact us first .


Q: If I have bought one button maker (such as 2-1/4"58mm) from you, and  I want to make a new size (such as 3"75mm ) or a new type (oval or  square) button, how to make it with less money?

A: Our button maker is made of one button maker rack and one die mould. 
All types of button in one size can be made with the same size mould.  (for example, 2-1/4"58mm pin badge and 2-1/4"58mm rubber magnetic all  can be made with 2-1/4"58mm die mould.) 
If you have the rack and want a new size of button, you just need to buy  a new size of die mould and make new size buttons immediately.

This professional  machine body is  fit for 18 different sizes of moulds as below:

  • Round: 32/58/75/25/37/40/50/56/65/90/100/110mm

  • Square: 37x37mm

  • Oval:  45x65mm

  • Rectangle: 40x60mm/25x70mm

  • Heart Shape 57mm


This professional  machine body is fit for 11 different sizes of moulds as below:

  • Round: 32/58/75/25/37/40/50/56/65/90mm

  • Square: 37x37mm


Round 4" (100mm) Die Mould

Item  Included:        

Round 4"(100mm)                                              


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