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015019:Big Circle Cutter Fit For Button Maker(53-210mm)
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Circle Cutter A

This circle cutter provides an easy method to cut circular button graphics with speed and accuracy,easily adjusts to cut a range of sizes with the diameter in 1.97"-7.87"(50mm-200mm).


1, Install blade. Insert the blade into the holder with edge outward, tighten the screw to fix blade with screw-driver.

2, Install blade holder: first place the big nut into the hexagonal slot of blade holder, and then put the holder into the runner of handle with the knifepoint outward. Tighten the locating screw to tighten the blade in runner.

3, Set circle center: Place the photo or art paper on glass, and then place the locating seat on the proper position of the paper the center point of the seat is the circle center.

4, Set radii: Screw off, the blade holder can move in the runner, move it to the needed position, then tighten the screw.

5, Cut circle: Insert the handle into locating seat with the edge downward. Press the seat with left hand, and press handle and cut a circle along the direction of blade edge.

Attention: the pressure of right hand must be proper. If it is too heavy, the blade edge will be damaged as well as the glass under the paper. If it is too light, the paper can not be cut apart. It need cut it again.




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