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012806:Instruction of CISS Installation
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Instruction of CISS Installation


The continuous ink supply system (CISS or CIS for short) is an external bulk ink system supplying ink directly to your inkjet printer which will cut your printing cost by up to 5 times, and it is a cost-effective alternative for ink-jet printer cartridges. While offering the exact same quality of print as own brand, manufactured cartridges, continuous ink systems offer at least 5 times as much ink as normal printer cartridges. With replacement ink bottles costing around the same price as a set of compatible cartridges, using a continuous ink system is guaranteed to cost you less, especially if you're a high volume, bulk ink user. And it is the choice of many home users, schools, colleges, businesses, design studios and photographers worldwide.





Check whether all the accessories are ready:

CIS system, Support Arm, Syringe, Inks, water, soft paper, CISS Instructions.





Check whether all the accessories are ready:

CIS system, Support Arm, Syringe, Inks, water, soft paper, CISS Instructions.

2.Fill inks into the ink reservoirs

Prick two holes in the ink bottle, Fill the 4 colors inks into the CISS ink reservoirs. Make sure the ink colors are matched to the correct ink reservoirs: Y. M. C, K.

3.Fill inks to the ink cartridges

1) Cut the mouth of syringe to "V" shape, in order not to damage the ink exit of ink cartridges and extract ink easily from ink reservoirs to ink cartridges.

2) Puncture the ink exit film.

3) Extract ink from ink reservoirs to ink cartridges by the syringe. Please make sure that the ink cartridges have no air.

4) Place the rubber plug to the holes on the ink reservoirs.

4. Install the CISS to the the printer and Printer recognize the CISS chips

If your printer installed the original cartridges, please first take it off, then open the printer and place the CISS cartridges, press the most left button, it will need some time for printer to recognize the CISS chips, please wait, when only the power button is on and not flash, it finished recognition.

5. Fix ink tubes

Fix the ink tubes by support arms, please do not make the tubes too tighten, or it will block inks supply.

6. Please make sure take off the small rubber plugs when Print.

7. Nozzles check and head cleaning


Right click the printer, select "Printing preferences", select "Maintenance", You can see

 "Nozzle Check(N)" and "Heat Cleaning(H)".

1) Nozzle Check

2) Head Cleaning

Note: When you make Sublimation Transfer, please set select "Photo" or "Best Photo", and "Mirror Image".

8. Refill inks.

Please pay attention to the ink level in the reservoirs, if the ink level is below 1CM, please add inks,.
Take off the big rubber plugs, fill inks into the CISS reservoirs.


1. Please place the Ink tank and printer at the same level.
2. PLS take off the small rubber plugs while printer is working.
3. Refill the ink in time when the ink level of outer ink tank reaches the ink refill warning window.
4. All the inkjet printer is very easy to clog, so keep the printer working.

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