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011887:Pad Printing Full Kit
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Full Set Pad Printing Kit


Pad printing is  a printing  process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a  3-D  object. This is accomplished using an indirect offset (gravure) printing   process that involves an image being transferred  from the printing   plate (cliché) via a silicone pad onto a substrate (surface to be   printed). The unique  properties of the silicone pad  enable it to pick   the image up from a flat plane and transfer it  onto a  variety of  surfaces.

Physical changes within  the ink film both on the cliché and on the pad allow it leave the etched  image area in favor of adhering to the pad, and to subsequently  release from the pad in favor of adhering to the substrate (material  being   printed).

Why  use pad  printing?

Pad printing is used  for printing on various substrates like Plastics,  Metals, Glass and  Ceramics, Paper and Cardboard,  Leather. However, it is primary used in  places where the  printing area is small and / or the contour or surface  of the object is not flat or hard to reach by other printing  process.


Manual Single Color Pad Printer with Sealed InkCup  (011017)


Pad printing is used for printing on various substrates like Plastics, Metals, Glass and   Ceramics, Paper and Cardboard, Leather. It is primary used in places  where the printing area is small and/or the contour or surface of the object is not flat or hard to reach by other  printing process.


* Ashtrays
* Bicycle helmets
* Brochure  holders
* Business card holders
* Calculators
* Cassettes
* Coasters
* Computer products 
* Construction helmets 

* Badges
* Engineering items
* Golf  products
* Hangers
* Highlighters
* Key rings
* Letter openers
* Lighters
* Mobile phone holders

* Mugs
* Page up
* Paper weights
* Pens
* Pencils
* Rulers
* Sunglasses
* Telephone boards
* Toys 

Manual Single Color Pad Printer with Sealed InkCup


Main Features 

  • High-Magnetic cup without leaking.

  • Work table can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward.

  • One-handed  operation allows the  other hand to  place  objects on the work table at the same time.

  • Precision  maintained in repeat  jobs.

  • High flexibility to adapt to  different applications.

Substrate on which the machine can  print

  • Plastic

  • Glass and  Ceramic

  • Metal

  • Paper and  Cardboard


Operation Way: manual   

Ink System: sealed ink cup   

Cup size: Φ2.76"(Φ7cm)   

Maximum printing area:  Φ2.3" (Φ6cm)   

Max length of craftwork: 5.9" (15cm)   

Horizontal stroke: 4.7" (12cm)   

Vertical stroke of rubber head: 2.17" (5.5cm)   

Machine size:14"x7"x20.4" (36x18x52cm)   

Package dimensions:19"x12"x22" (49x31x55cm)

Shipping weight: 64Lb (29kg)

18"X12"UV Exposure Unit(010038)  


Exposing area: 18inch*12inch(45.7cm*30.4cm)

Voltage: 110v

Light power: 60W

Attachment material:Stainless steel or zinc plating, nickel plating


Plate Making Liquid


These cliché making liquid allows the pad printer to take his film positive artwork and make inexpensive short run clichés.

1-Cleaning liquid 500ml /bottle

2-Photosensitive liquid 500ml/ bottle

3-Developing liquid 1000ml /bottle

4-Etching liquid 500ml /bottle

5-Stripping liquid 1000ml/bottle



Steel Plate Cliché


These pad printing steel plates use high quality steel, this steel is made to exacting specification for dimensional accuracy, parallelism, flatness and super hardened to ensure accurate, extra long lasting plate life. Produced for the pad printing industry.

  • Wrought by high strength bearing steel  

  • High wear resistance at a low cost  

  • Sophisticated  structure to be etched fine image both streak and halftone  

  • Parameters

  • Size: thin plate:8.4"x3.9"x0.01"(214x100x0.3mm)  

  • Weight: thin plate:0.11Lb(0.05kg)


Inkjet/Laser Transparency Film  

Non-Waterproof Ink-Jet transparent Film is a specially coated, clear film that absorbs quick drying inkjet ink, and controls the shape of fine lines and half tones. This transparent inkjet film is only coated on one side.Printing on the coated (matte) side of the film! If you print on the glossy uncoated side, the ink will not dry because it is not absorbed by the coating.
For the unique high-tech solution, they can not be conglutinated with each other when folded together. The image is well-resisting and suitable for storage.

Note 1: This film also can be used in your laser printer.
Note 1: Your wet finger will stick to the coated side. 
Note 2: Printing side is the non-smooth side.

A4   8"x12" (210x297 mm)


Ink Thinner


This ink thinner is formulated for both pad printing and screen printing and are available in various evaporative rates that support fine tuning of the ink to any printing situation. They have been specially formulated to  minimize evaporative fluctuations,   provide process balance and enhance production output. This thinner can be used to dilute all kinds of plastic ink, PVC ink and others. 



Red PVC Ink


PVC ink is the most popular ink used in pad printing, giving beautiful colors and         designs to your favorite t-shirts and other items. It is also used for industrial printing clothing, on items such as dotted and anti-slip gloves. PVC ink requires fine particle resistant fast gelling at low temperatures, excellent opacity, qualities with good        printability and anti-blocking. Finished printing features with excellent flexibility and weather resistance.



Rubber head is a carrier which transfers the patterns on the steel plate onto the    substrate surface.These pad printing rubber heads is with high print times and abrasion resistance, without any in purities,with good printing effects,permanent and durable.


Items included

Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011017 Pad Printer with  sealed  ink cup 1 set
Item# Description QTY Unit Note

  18"X12" UV Exposure Unit

1 Set Voltage is  110V
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011021 Thin Steel Plate 8-1/2"x3-7/8" 3 sheet
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011036 Oil Cleaning Liquid 500ml/Bottle 1 bottle
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011012 Photosensitive Liquid 500ml/Bottle 1 bottle
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011013 Developing Liquid 1000ml/Bottle 1 bottle
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011014 Etching liquid 500ml/Bottle 1 bottle
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011016 Stripping Liquid 1000ml/Bottle 1 bottle
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011032 Ink Thinner 500ml/Bottle 1 bottle
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
007003 Inkjet/Laser Transparency Film 5 sheet
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011037 Silicone Rubber Pad L-2800 1 pc
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011038 Silicone Rubber Pad L-2810 1 pc
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011039 Silicone Rubber Pad R-0552 1 pc
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
011040 Silicone Rubber Pad R-0582 1 pc

Item# Description QTY Unit Note
008014 Red PVC Ink - 1KG 1 can  

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