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009020:1-1 micro adjustable screen press head
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1-1 micro adjustable screen press head

This micro-adjustable head is design for our 1-1 micro-adjustable screen printer. But you can also only buy this printer head, use some screws fixed on your own pallet. Easy operate/install and much cheaper.
  • Parameters

  • Printing Head Weight: 22Lb (9.7kg)

  • Machine size: 46*20*27.5

  • Function: micro-adjust / matching color

Installation and Operation

Attention: You should loose the lock devices before installing and then tighten them after your installations.

1. Install the Machine Head.

Remove the bolts, put the machine head on to the table or pallet, adjust the proper position and then screw the bolts tightly.

2. Install the Gravity Hammers.

3. Install the Stretched Screen Frame to check whether you have well installed it or not.

4. Adjust the screen plate with its micro adjusting functions, then apply it into printing process. 

Items  included

1 set of   micro adjustable screen press head (009020)


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