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008522:Abrading Gel 200g Per Bottle
C $9.00

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Abrading Gel

Modern polyester mesh threads are extruded (similar to fishing line), and are slick and smooth so stencil films do not adhere readily. Abrading the mesh increases the surface area on the knuckles for better gripping by the stencil film. Abraders are fine silicon carbide micro-grit preparations. Surprisingly, despite their effectiveness, they don’t feel rough when rubbed between the fingers. This is because the particles are so fine.

Abrading the mesh is accomplished by applying a small amount of mesh abrader onto the print side of the mesh with a soft brush, and lightly scrubbing it.

Do not use household scouring powder to abrade the mesh,these household cleaning products are too abrasive and are guaranteed to shred the surface of the mesh. This will reduce the screen’s life and leave lots of deep gashes and pits where ink and emulsion can accumulate and become lodged, thereby increasing staining, ghosting, and hazing problems in the screen.The best advice is to do it once when the mesh is brand new, then again if necessary after five or six stencils.


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