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008502:17.7x19.7 Emulsion Sheet 1 Sheet
C $9.90

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15.7"X19.7" Emulsion Sheet

The traditional way to put chemical on a screen was to scoop a two part emulsion. These sheets allow you to skip that process in a neat and convenient way. Just wet the silk screen and place the sheet. There is still a learning curve that comes with silk screening, but there is no messy chemical mixing, scooping, or fumes. Better yet they are very forgiving when exposed to light so you have time to work with getting it on the screen without ruining all your work.



 Emulsion Sheet Application Method

Make sure the screen is clean and free of dust and oil, if you want better effect, you can use ASC special liquids to get mesh dull for easier attaching. Spray the screen with water. It should be completely soaked, but not dripping. so you can use a spray bottle to wet screen.

Apply the dull/sticky side to the back of the wet screen. You can roll the emulsion sheet, apply front part, then roll down the whole sheet.
There are two sides to the sheet, one shiny and one dull. If you can’t tell which is which, wet your fingers and touch the corner. The sticky side is the dull side.

Run squeegee over the shiny surface of the emulsion, then another size, the last time is back to shiny surface.
TIP: Inspect front of the screen for any bubbles or dry areas. Dry areas will have a spider web pattern. Use spray bottle with water to lightly mist any dry areas. If three times is not good, you can keep squeegeeing both sides of screen to eliminate excess water prior to drying. As to drying, you can use hairy dryer, because of mesh humidity, environment, and dryer power, distance to screen, here we suggest 10-20 mins, and for better result, you can choose our special drying cabinet, setting time is 20-30mins,temperature is 50℃(122℉).After emulsion has dried, remove plastic film.


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