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008420:Ghost Cream
C $12.00

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Autohaze Ghost Cream

Autohaze is a grey colored aqueous paste of abrasives and surfactants containing Potassium hydroxide and ether-alcohol solvent.

Autohaze is sold strictly for use in the screen printing industry for effective removal of hazes and ghost images commonly left after stencil reclaiming. It negates the need for an additional solvent application. Autohaze may also be used to degrease and chemically abrade new or used aluminum frames prior to stretching.

Working Instruction

  • a. Clean off all ink residue prior to stencil removal.

  • b. Remove stencil with recommended MacDermid Autotype Limited decorating chemical product.

  • c. Apply a small amount of Autohaze to both sides of the wet mesh with a brush, thoroughly covering the stained areas in a circular motion.

  • d. Leave to stand for 6-8 minutes. If left to stand for longer periods, Autohaze can damage the fibers of the mesh.

  • e. Rinse off residue with gently water spray.

  • f. Remove stain with high pressure stripper.


  • Net weight: 0.44Lb / 200g

  • Storage: Seal preservation in cool and dry place.


  • Operators must wear protective clothing including gloves, plastic apron and goggles because it's corrosive.

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

  • Avoid contact with strong acids and other chemicals.

  • Use in an area with good ventilation.


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