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008417:Emulsion Remover powder - 100g
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Emulsion Remover powder

It’s used to remove the emulsion layer of the stencil for recycle use. It should not be permitted to dry on the surface of the screen. It will become virtually impossible to remove if allowed to dry. Repeated rinsing will result in excess waste water that must be disposed of as a regulated waste and will not significantly improve the situation.


Working Instruction

  • a. Add the powder in some cold water and stir evenly until the powder has fully dissolved.

  • b. Clean ink and filler off the mesh.

  • c. Apply some dissolved solution onto both sides of stencil, soaked for 2-5 minutes, then brush the stencil until the emulsion has been dissolved.

  • Rinse off with flush water.


  • Net weight: 0.22Lb / 100g

  • Storage: Seal preservation in cool and dry place.


  • 100g powder can mix with 4-5L cold water. But if it’s difficult to remove the emulsion, please reduce the dosage of water; in contrast, please add the dosage of water.

  • Please flush with water in case of accidental skin contact.

  • Please ware respirator while using if you can’t stand its pungent smell.


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