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008401:Solvent Emulsion 950g + 4g / set
C $25.00

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Solvent Emulsion

This solvent resistant emulsion including one bottle of photogelatin and one bag of photosensitizer powder, which can be used as stencil material to make screen after well mixed preparation. The stencil material must be of a material that is impermeable to the screen printing ink, this solvent resistant emulsions can be used along with water based inks and UV curable inks.


a. Shelf Life: Unmixed: 6-8 Months Mixed: 2-3 Months Helpful hints to ensure your emulsion lasts longer once mixed. .

b. Always used distilled water to mix the emulsion.

c. Keep in a cool area, emulsion does not like heat and will break down much faster in heat, a fridge works great as well, however you CANNOT let your emulsion freeze, this will instantly ruin the emulsion. .

d. Keep the emulsion lid on tight. .

e. Slightly mix the emulsion every time you use it. This will help you extend the life of your emulsion once mixed, there is no "set date" on how long it will last, we recommend dating your emulsion once mixed and keeping an extra container on hand when your emulsion is about to expire.


Click here to learn more about how to apply emulsion.

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