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008271:Discharge Paste
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Discharge Paste

Discharging is the process of removing dye (by destroying or altering the dye "chromophores") with various chemicals or bleach, often by stamping, stenciling or block printing. Discharging can be incorporated into more complex designs with over-dyeing other colors or combined with painting, printing or stenciling with opaque Fabric Paints. Discharging is one more way to make your own incredible unique fabrics for quilting or clothing.Fabrics discharge with different chemicals depending on the type of fabric and what it was dyed with. Some dyes won't discharge at all, Also, discharging rarely returns fabric to its original color or white. Some blacks, for example, will only discharge to a nice reddish brown color, while others will go to a very pale tan. The moral of the story is test test test!Discharge paste is a reducing agent for safely removing color from natural fibers, and is even safe on silk. It removes most fiber reactive dyes, direct dyes, and acid dyes. It is thick enough to block print, brush it on, screen it on, stencil it on, etc. You can apply the paste to your fabric, let it dry and steam it with a steam iron or steam in a steamer for 5 minutes or so, until it stops discharging. Then wash your fabric in water.Discharge Paste does not always remove all of the color, it depends on the dye and the color to which it is applied. Always best to test.Here we mainly use it to discharge jeans by screen printing.
Technological Process:

1,Mix the discharge paste and discharge powder in the weight ratio during 5:1 to 4:1.
2,Screen printing the jeans.The printing times depends on the thickness of jeans,for thin garment,3-5 times work well,for thick garment,2-3 times work well,all in all,it is the best to just print through the fibre.
3,Heat press the printing area 15-25 seconds with the temperature 150
℃(302℉),lift the heating plate,then repress 5 seconds,or you may use flash fryer to dry 3-4 minutes with the temperature 150℃(302℉) ,after heating,the white paste will become light yellow from the white.
4,Wash the jeans,hand-launder the printing area with water, discharge effect appears.

The mixture of discharge paste and powder must be used in eight hours.



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