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007241:10.5x15 inch (27x39cm) Aluminum Frame
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Aluminum Screen Frame
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Aluminum screen frame is most widely used frame to make screen during screen printing.


● Adopt custom-built specialized aluminum.

● The sticky side has been burnished, to ensure screen and frame binding firmly.

● High strength. It fully meets the needs of tension stretching, hardness, durability, lightweight, portability and cheapness.

● Stable performance even when the temperature and humidity change.

● Reusable and has a certain degree of water resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance.

● The following Aluminum Screen Frames show internal dimension.

4 patterns of  screen frames are available from us:

Item No. Product Name Internal Size External Size
007231 Screen Frame A 7.5"x9.8" (19x25cm) 9.5"x11.8" (24x30cm)
007241 Screen Frame B 10.6"x15.4" (27x39cm) 12.9"x17.7" (33x45cm)
007261 Screen Frame C 15.7"x19.7" (40x50cm) 18.5"x22.5" (47x57cm)
007281 Screen Frame D 19.7"x23.6" (50x60cm) 22.5"x26.4" (57x67cm)

Aluminum Frame B - 10.6"x15.4" (27x39cm)


Internal Size: 10.6"x15.4" (27x39cm)


External Size: 12.9"x17.7" (33x45cm)  

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